Half Baked Idea #1: Game of Thrones Anthology Film Series

Welcome to half baked idea’s, in this series of blogs I will share some of my half baked ideas (I.E. not fully formed ideas and definitely not because they came to me after smoking too much weed)Screenshot 2017-03-29 09.27.01

Half Baked Idea #1: Game of Thrones Anthology Film Series.

With Game of Thrones coming to an end, everyone is looking for a way to get their next fix. HBO has been open to doing a series that took place in the years before the show, most likely the ‘Tale of Dunk & Egg’, a short story that George R.R. Martin wrote before the original ‘Song of Ice And Fire’ book series. Obviously I want as much Game of Thrones as possible, I’m just a big an addict as anyone, I just started re-watching the show for the 10th (?) time , but we’ve seen time after time that spinoff series tend to, well, suck ass. For every ‘Better Call Saul’ there’s a million ‘Joey’s’, this is why I think instead of doing a spinoff series, they should take a page out of Star Wars playbook and do an HBO anthology film series for the show. They can do this in either two ways, they can 1) Make a Lord of the Rings Extended Edition type film, putting four episodes budget into one film or 2) Do what Sherlock does and have a 3 episode hour and a half long season.

First off, let me say that for both my ideas I will be using the same 3 story lines.

1.Tale of Dunk & Egg: The story that got this whole thing started. The ‘Tale of Dunk & Egg’ was the first story that George R.R. Martin wrote. The story is about how future king Aegon V Targaryen became the squire for Sir Duncan The Tall, he would go on to become a legendary member of the kingsguard and was one of the greatest fighters in the realm. Aegon is also the grandfather to Danny, so it would be interesting to see the Targaryen’s when they were running the show.

This seems to be the most likely of all the stories that will end up on the silver screen which makes sense, since it will allow for all new characters to be introduced and has a full fledge beginning middle and end written by Martin himself compared to some of the other options

2. Robert’s Rebellion: Come on, it’s the story we all want to see. The events that set up the series, all took place during this time. We could see what really happened between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. We could see the epic battle that took place, where Robert Baratheon killed Rhaegar. This would also allow for us to see more of Sir Arthur Dayne AKA the Sword of The Morning in action and we’d get to see more young Rob Stark.

The flashback sequences that we’ve been shown have been great but with only 2 more seasons left, the show can’t be dwelling on the past when we’ve yet to reach the end.

3. The First Night: This has the possibilities to be the best of the bunch but would also most likely be the most expensive. The First Night is when the First Men and the Children of the Forest teamed up together to stop the White Walkers. Obviously we’ve now seen how to kill White Walkers and I think it’s safe to assume we’ll see how a group of people can take them out but to see how it first happened would be awesome. We’d also get to see Giants and not just 3 Giants, I’m talking 30 fucking Giants! Minimum.

Back to how to do this.

Instead of making one spinoff series, what ‘Game of Thrones’ should do, is have one anthology film/miniseries per summer. Let’s not kid ourselves, Game of Thrones might as well be the NFL at this point because it reigns over everything else. If you haven’t caught up to Game of Thrones by the next tuesday you might as well kill yourself. By doing all three anthology series’ and splitting them up over the course of 3 years, would allow for ‘Game of Thrones’ to still dominate the internet and water cooler talk right up into the 2020’s.

For ‘Tales of Dunk & Egg’ I’m picturing a two and half hour long movie. I haven’t read this book because why read something when it’s going to be made into a TV show/movie but from what I can gather, this is sort of like GOT’s ‘Hobbit’. I realize that the Hobbit was dragged into 3 movies but let’s not kid ourselves, that was bullshit, those movies were nothing more then a glorified walking tour of New Zealand hosted by Martin Freeman. So, I see no reason why ‘Tales of Dunk & Egg’ can’t just be a long movie.

Robert’s Rebellion on the other hand would be a three part miniseries event. There’s too much little details that need to be covered and that’s why for this anthology series, I think it would be best to break it up into 3, hour & a half long specials to cover all ground. Including, what happened at the tournament when Rheagar presented Lyanna with a flower after winning and just exactly how did Robert manage to beat an all-around great fighter like Rheagar, all by himself.

Then finally, the First Night or as I like to call it, Giant Bukake. This bad boy would be 2, two hour long movies. We need to get the background, why/how the White Walkers were created, then we need to see what drove the children of the forest to join the first men. And then in the the second film, it would be the epic battle that took place between the children of the forest, the first men and the white walkers. HBO is going to be paying up the wazoo in special effects bills but if ‘The Battle of The Bastards’ and ‘Hardhomme’ have taught us anything, it’s 100% worth it.



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