We Had Ourselves A Good Ole Fashioned Drive By Piss Attack In BC Last Night

Black tar heroine and people pissing in your wine glass, welcome to BC folks,,,

I can’t help but respect this guy, you have to have some giant balls (no pun intended) to walk into a restaurant drop trow and piss in someone’s wine glass. I mean how are you to know whether or not your dick is going to look presentable? If you piss into someone’s glass with a hammer, everyone in the room is forced to respect you, but if you do it with a shrew, well, that’s just sad!

I realize a lot of people are going to say what this guy did is gross or is against restaurant decorum but to that I say, let he who hath not pissed in a questionable area, cast the first stone.

The only troubling part about this story is that it was clearly a premeditated attack. You don’t just walk into a restaurant and piss in someones glass on a whim. You’ve been preparing, drinking your fluids and holding in your piss for as long as possible, waiting to strike. I know this because stage fright is a real epidemic amongst men, so for this guy to let it all hang loose AND take a piss means he’s been planning this thing for days, if not weeks.

I love the fact that he just walked out. Total alpha. Everyone in that hotel knew that this was not a man to be trifled with, so after he finished up his piss, he zipped up and walked out, like a urine smelling Keyzer Soze


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