Windsor Cops Lose $25K Worth of Cocaine… Or So They’d Like You To Think


You guys “lost” $25k worth of cocaine. Just like the last time I was in Montreal, I accidentally “lost” a grand at the strip club. Chalk it up to ole human error, I walked in and 3 hours later somehow my money had just disappeared.

Can we just be grownups here, obviously the Windsor PD didn’t lose enough blow to, well, buy the city of Windsor. They are either flipping it ‘It’s always Sunny’ style or are about to throw the greatest policeman’s ball of ALL-TIME! And, can you really blame them? Being a cop sucks now, everyone hates you AND you can’t even be corrupt anymore. So if I was a part of the biggest bust in Windsor history (I have no facts to back this up), I’d probably want to wet the beak a little. You’re telling me a waiter deserves a tip but the people in charge of protecting us can’t have a little fun in the snow? Seems a little unfair IMO.

On the other hand, if they really did lose the cocaine, I want someone’s head. Can’t have that sort of incompetence on the force, especially when you’re a border city. It starts with the Windsor PD losing $25k worth of blow but ends with the city of Detroit opening up a meth lab in the greater Windsor area.


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