The NHL Has Decided Not To Allow Players To Attend The 2018 Olympics

Oh fuck off Gary. How can you say you want to expand the game and then decide that you’re not going to allow NHL players to go to the Olympics. I mean we’re having games in China in two years! You wanna know what would be a better showcase of the game then some shitty exhibition game? The FUCKING Olympics! Let’s not kid ourselves, most the world couldn’t give a rats ass about the winter olympics. As shocking as this may sound but the Biathlon and cross country skiing don’t put ass’ in the seats. You know what does? HOCKEY!

I have only one theory as to why Garry Bettman would do this. He’s finally destroying hockey and in turn, Canada for the late David Stern. Ever since Bettman left the NBA to run the NHL, he’s done everything he possibly could to move as many hockey teams as close to the equator as possible.

A lot of people are feeling bad for guys who play for shitty countries like Germany but screw those ex-Nazis, before Pros were allowed to start playing the Olympics, Canada went 50+ years without a gold medal. Hard to argue against the notion that Bettman clearly has an American bias.

One of Bettman’s reasons for not allowing players to go to the Olympics is because he’s trying to turn the World Cup of Hockey into the new Olympics because it made the NHL some serious guap. Which I’ll give Bettman is a fair reason but he’s still thinking short term. The money he got was Canadian and American, what’s that gonna matter in 10 years? What Bettman need’s is that sweet sweet China money and the only way he can accomplish that is by letting the players go to South Korea.

At least some players aren’t taking this laying down

Screenshot 2017-04-04 12.37.41

You better believe Ovi’s going to the olympics. No one’s going to stand in the way of him winning a gold medal… besides the lack of chemistry or depth on the Russian team but that’s besides the point. Gotta think if Crosby grew a pair and started speaking out, the NHL might take a listen.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

P.S. South Korea isn’t doing itself any favours by impeaching their current President. Sure the Russians were killing gays and their toilets didn’t work but at least they had a leader. A leader who was willing to silence his critics in order to preserve the Olympic spirit, sort of like a young Adolf Hitler.


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