Bubba Watson Better Watch Himself

Oh really Bubba, you think writing articles is easy? I’d like to see how many similarities between Jesus and Tebow you could come up with.

Does Bubba think he’s some sort of athlete or something? I’d take this type of comment from someone in the NHL or NFL, granted most players in the NFL can’t even spell the city the play for but that’s beside the point. I refuse to be belittled by a golfer. Golf isn’t a sport, it’s a hobby. Sergio Garcia and John Daly smoke at majors for god’s sake. It’s not like you see Ben Rothlisberger smoking a stogie as he comes out of the huddle.

Pretty bold move by Bubba here to rip on his biggest supporters. Writers and old white people are the only one’s who care about golf anymore. Do you know how many writers wrote about him never having a pro teacher or how they ate up his humble as apple pie persona. So to go after the last few people who pretend that golfers matter is an interesting strategy to say the least.

Guess Bubba’s never heard of the saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

P.S. If writing articles is so easy, how about Bubba calls up Kobe and writes something for the players tribune. I would LOVE to read an article written by a guy named Bubba. Maybe drop a couple political takes and really show the people who you are. Something tells me Bubba is a keyboard away from becoming Curt Schilling.



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