The Toronto Maple Leafs Are Going To The Stanley Cup Playoffs!


Don’t get me wrong, when Auston Matthews put up 4 goals in his first game, the thought of playoffs crossed my mind, how could it not? For the majority of my life the Leafs have been shit. Sans one of the most horrendous collapses in playoff history, the Leafs have yet to do anything memorable in the playoffs for their fans born anytime in the 90’s. Sure there were a couple Ottawa series’ here and there but come on? I’m talking real, goddamn excitement.

Do I think the Leafs will win the Cup this year? Hell no, but I sure as hell think they can make some noise. I mean, you’re telling me we’re suppose to be scared of the Washington Capitals? A team that is at good at losing in the playoffs as the Leafs are at missing them. The last time Washington and a Russian teamed up for a major victory was World War 2.

The Leafs realistically have no expectations going into this series. After finishing last the previous year, just to make it to the dance is a blessing. That being said, while Washington has the weight of the world on their shoulders, Toronto can play as loose as they want. Think of the Flames run two years ago, no one expected anything from them and sure enough they shocked the world and who did they have? Enemy of the program Sam Fucking Bennett. I’ll take Father Marner, Steamboat Willy and the king of Toronto himself, Auston 3:16 over a guy who couldn’t do a pull up and an american trying his best to be Quebecois.

In the last year we’ve seen the Cubs AND the Cavs win championships. Why the fuck not us? Playoffs start thursday and I’m already jacked (and drunk). Let’s go!

Leafs In 7.


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