In A Shocking Twist, North Korea Was Once Again Unable To Launch A Missile

Live look at lil Kimmy Kim trying to figure out what went wrong

Screenshot 2017-04-16 13.49.29

Wow! Here I was thinking that North Korea might finally have figured out how to launch a rocket but lo and behold once again the North Koreans were unable to figure out something the rest of the world did in the ’40’s. Sad!

This is classic North Korea at it’s finest, all talk and no show, which I assume is the case with lil Kim’s pecker. No one with a normal dick has this sort of affixation with rockets. Just look at Hitler and his Mengele’d genitals, guy spends the last years of World War 2 jerking it to the V2 and next thing you know the allies are storming Normandy. Maybe Kimmy boy should stop fixating on phallic shaped objects and get a computer that doesn’t look like it came from the set of ‘A New Hope’.

All I know is that if I’m a North Korean scientist, I am shitting my clit at the moment. Lil Kim once executed his uncle via a fucking anti-aircraft gun for falling asleep during a meeting, where I assume they were discussing the famine plaguing North Korea as lil Kim shoved his gullet full of imported McDonalds. So if you’re one of the scientist who was a part of this boondoggle I can’t even imagine the type of punishment lil Kim is coming up with at the moment.

Kim Jong Un loves executing people as much as Robin Arryn loves watching people fall through the Moon Door.

Luckily for North Korea, they have the greatest PR team in the history of the world and I’m sure they will find a way to spin this into a positive. If I’ve learned one thing about politics, it’s that the second something goes wrong, just blame your rival nation. Nothing rally’s the 100lb people of North Korea like telling them their billion dollar missile exploded because of American intervention.

If I’m Lil Kim, I’m calling that robot fucker Elon Musk. With the combined brain power of those two titans, I gotta assume they could get a rocket 20 feet into the air before it explodes in spectacular fashion.


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