Anthony Bennett Has Been Cut By Fenerbahçe Istanbul

Oh Anthony, the biggest NBA draft bust since Len Bias. Who could’ve imagined that his career would’ve panned out this way? Except for everyone in the world who wasn’t the Cavs. Thank God LeBron came home or the city of Cleveland might have honestly lit itself on fire by now. People can only deal with so much pain and I draw the line at drafting Anthony Bennett first overall.

As a Canadian, I’m just happy this didn’t tarnish Canada’s reputation when it comes to basketball. Sure, all we had for the longest time was Steve Nash and the fact that a Canadian invented the sport but when Anthony Bennett got drafted 1st overall the Canadian basketball landscape was completely different. We had Tristan Thompson, Kelly Olynyk got drafted about a dozen picks after Bennett AND Andrew Wiggins was a year away from being drafted. I’m shocked Wiggins got taken first overall after the disaster that was Anthony Bennett. I would’ve understood if the NBA never took another Canadian first overall again, just like how no one has been drafted first overall from Maryland since Len Bias had a few to many nose clams and OD’d.

The crazy part about all this is that Bennett hasn’t been all that bad for team Canada internationally. I’m not calling him a star at international ball or anything but he’s not the worst 9th or 10th man and at least he actually cares about playing for Canada unlike a certain Andrew Wiggins. Granted, if I was Bennett I’d be picking up the phone no matter whose calling.

By the way, if I’m Bennett, I’m considering a Ron Artest type brand change. I haven’t thought of a name yet but maybe something with Humble in it? Only the humblest of people would have humble in their name and NBA teams around the league always love a good character guy.



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