Fuck Jaden Smith

Who in the fuck does Jaden Smith think he is? This kid was in one good movie (the Pursuit of Happiness) and has been living off his father’s name since. HELL they even gave him the role as karate kid because if there’s one thing Hollywood refuses to do, it is casting an Asian kid as the karate kid but that’s neither here nor there.

Jaden Smith is the living embodiment of why every other generation hates millennials. Sure every generation has had it share of famous people who shouldn’t be famous but at least none of them carried their hair around like a fucking accessory. And then possibly the most egregious part about this photos is his grillz. Look, no one in the world loves grillz as much as I do, but once again who the fuck does Jaden think he is? He isn’t a rapper, he never came from lackluster circumstances yet here he is at the met gala stunting like he’s Yeezy or something. There’s a reason Kanye can get away with half the shit he does and it’s because he’s yet to release a bad album, the last project Jaden Smith was in was arguably M Night Shamalan’s worst film to date and that’s saying a lot. It’s pretty fucking hard to be in a movie worse then ‘The Happening’ or ‘Avatar’ but Jaden and Papa Smith figured out just a way to do it.

Honestly though, Will deserves this, after letting his wife bang all of Hollywood and being nonchalant about the whole thing. If you’re Will Smith and you can’t even lay good enough pipe (S/O JR Smith) to Jada, then how can we expect you to keep your son from looking like the star of Zoolander 3.

All I know is that if there’s a hell it’s the Smith’s dinner table. Could you imagine sitting at a table with Jada, Willow and Jaden? I’d put a bullet in my brain before they could even begin to discuss gender fluidity.



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