How About Minister of Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan Flat Out Lying About His Role In Afghanistan

Screenshot 2017-05-02 17.12.47

I believe this is what they call “Stolen Valour”, except usually stolen valour is done by some schmuck trying to get a free beer or laid, not by a former member of the actual armed forces and ESPECIALLY not by the Minister of Goddamn Defence. While everyone is losing their shit over Donald Trump not knowing Andrew Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War, up here in Canada we have our Minister of Defence doing his best Brian Williams impersonation and no one seems to care. Well, except for opposition leader, Rona Ambrose who refused to live this down.  Which is probably fair seeing as the Liberals were pretty pissed about Harper’s lack of transparency.

But Neville Chamberlin , I mean Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe so. Saying “When we make a mistake, Canadians expect us to apologize and to acknowledge that mistake. That’s what we did and that’s why the minister of defence continues to have my full confidence,”. Now I get where Trudeau is coming from, everyone makes mistakes, I get that. Just usually when someone makes a mistake it involves them screwing up an order or something, not, you know, claiming to be the mastermind behind a major assault on the Taliban!

The problem with Sajjan and Trudeau calling this a mistake is that it’s complete bullshit. I know military guys, they don’t fuck up what their role was. Especially when it comes to something as big and important as what Sajjan lied about. I mean if it’s ok for Sajjan to lie about this can, I say my grandpa was instrumental in beating the Nazis? Sure, he was only 3 when the war started but fuck it, if Harjit Sajjan can say that he’s the Taliban killer himself, then I’m making false claims too.

I just can’t believe people honestly think this guy should stay in office, if he’s willing to lie about something like this, what else is he going to lie about? It’s hard for us as Canadians to keep ripping on Trump and the Republican party if our leaders are doing the same, maybe worse. At least Trump just called McCain a pussy for getting shot down and didn’t say he could’ve beaten the Viet Cong himself, even though I’m sure that’s coming soon.

I realize that I already referenced Brian Williams, but look how quickly he was canned or resigned (?) after it turned out he was never actually shot at while in a helicopter. I mean, in the grand scheme of things who really gives a fuck? Who cares if a newscaster lied about getting shot at, I know I don’t, just read me the news and shut up. But it’s a completely different story when it’s a decorated soldier and in charge of our FUCKING military. You think guys are going to respect him? Fuck no. Kinda funny that Trudeau was quick to get Hunter Tootoo resign because he liked to party a little but refuses to let go of the guy who flat out lied on his resume.

This reminds me of that Jessica Lynch chick who lied about saving her whole convoy when in reality she was knocked out and her M16 was jammed.

Screenshot 2017-05-02 17.46.23

This fucking broad!

Look how quickly she got herself into a shitstorm after it turned out it was the nerdy mechanic who saved all their asses. I don’t get what the difference between this chick lying and Sajjan lying except she never became Secretary of Defense…

All in all I got is one word for this whole situation.






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