The Archdiocese Of Kansas City Has Finally Severed Ties With The Girl Scouts of America

Well it’s about goddamn time, as Dwight Schrute once put it “I think it’s dangerous to teach young girls self esteem and leadership” and clearly the archdiocese of Kansas City sees just that. If girls gain self esteem how are they ever going to become nuns? No girl with self esteem is signing up to be a nun and the archdiocese realized this.

One of the biggest reasons stated by the Archdiocese for severing ties with the girl scouts, is that over the last few years, the Girl Scouts have been indoctrinating their scouts with feminist ideology. I don’t know about you, but I want my girl scouts less focused on the teachings of Susan B Anthony and more focused on getting their best knitting badge or at least focusing on selling the most cookies in their troop. The girl scouts aren’t a place to teach ideologies leave that to the American school system, the girl scouts are about selling those sweet, sweet, mint chocolate cookies. Everyone knows that children are impressionable and if young girls start thinking their equals to young boys, once they hit the work force they’ll be asking for equal pay and that right there folks,, is a slippery slope.

Then again, the Archdiocese’s did always seemed to be more of a supporter of the boy scout’s IMO.


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