It’s Time To Blow Up The Raptors

This isn’t me smashing the panic button, seeing as there was never a button going into this series or me jumping the gun because for two straight games the Raptors got absolutely smoked. I’m just stating this as a fact, it’s time to blow up the Raptors.

For the last 4 years Toronto has been blessed with a basketball revival. After the Bargnani era I’m pretty sure most Raptor fans were ready to jump off a bridge and honestly if you weren’t contemplating suicide every time that schmuck Brian Colangelo came on your TV screen, well then you didn’t care enough.

Then, after a couple good trades and some nice signings the Raptors made the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade and in turn, spawned the “WeTheNorth” movement. Well, unlike Game of Thrones where their world’s getting colder, ours is getting warmer and We The North is going the way of the icecaps and in one of the few times in sports history, there’s no one really to blame.

Sure Lowery & Derozan tend to disappear in the playoffs but does it really matter when they know at one point in the playoffs they’ll have to play a guy whose been to 6, let me repeat that, 6 straight NBA finals!

And that right there is the issue with the NBA. Being good in the NBA is the equivalent of death by a million paper cuts with a sprinkle of being stuck in Limbo. With the team the Raptors currently have they can continue to make the playoffs for probably the next 5 years, only in the 9 years of consecutive postseason action, I guarantee the Raptors would never see the finals. The NBA is the one league where you’re better off to be shit then good, because only great teams/players win NBA championships. The NBA isn’t like the NFL, NHL or MLB where teams can get hot at just the right moment and make a magical run.

If you looked at the history of the NBA, every decade has been DOMINATED by a few players and even fewer teams. For example, when Gretzky went to LA, they never won a cup, despite having the greatest hockey player of all time. If that were the NBA the Kings would’ve gone to the finals every year they had Gretzky.

This is why we need to blow up the Raptors. Until they get a GREAT player like LeBron, Durant, hell even a Wiggins’, they never have a shot at winning the Larry O’Brian Trophy . So it’s time to make like an asteroid and blow this team up to kingdom come. And luckily for the Raptors, that won’t be that hard of a task. Lowery and Ibaka are FA’s this off-season, leaving Derozan and the Itty Bitty Baller left as the only real players still on the payroll, along with a shitty as hell Demmare Carrol contract.

The best bet for the Raptors would be to try and package Carroll with either DeMar or Big V, because no one is taking that guy and his contract straight up, well, maybe the Kings or Knicks but still. The Raptors need to clean house if they ever want to actually bring home an NBA championship.

I realize how much this would suck for Raptors fans, to go back to the basement, a place we are all too familiar with, but it’s the Raptors only real shot at ever winning a championship. My only concern with blowing up the Raptors is that Masai Ujiri isn’t really that good of a GM. He’s sucked when it’s come to drafting and besides the Lowery deal, he hasn’t actually done THAT much for the Raptors. So to clean house, it will have to involve getting rid of him so he doesn’t waste our lottery pick on a European, that is unless the Greek Freak has a third brother, then by all means, pick a European.

Casey can stay and coach until we actually finish last, which with his coaching ability shouldn’t be that hard and then, whoever is in charge should can him that off-season and bring in someone to build this new Raptors team.

It could be a couple long years, but blowing up the Raptors would be in the best interest for not only the team but the fans because, what the Raptors are doing to their fans right now is cruel. And on the plus side I know the Ball’s got two more kids coming so let the #FallForBall begin.


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