Edwin Encarnacion Makes His Return To Toronto Tonight

The day we’ve all been dreading, Edwin’s return to Toronto. When Edwin left Toronto for the Indians (problematic IMO) a piece of me died. To see your second best player leave for the team that knocked you out of the playoffs hurts. Especially when you remember that the man who currently runs your team use to run the Indians! Everyone else might be fooled, but I’m on to you Manfred. Anyways, usually I’m a hateful person but I’ve said from the beginning that I was/am team Edwin. At The beginning of last season Edwin asked for a reasonable 2 year deal and the Jays refused to negotiate. Then he ends up signing with the Indians for less then what the Jays offered. The guy was pissed and I would be too. Shapiro and friends played hardball during the offseason and the results have been suboptimal to say the least.

If anyone boos EE their an idiot. I was there when Ferrell returned and actively participated in the “fuck you Ferrell” chant that overtook the stadium. But Edwin does not deserve such a treatment, if you don’t get up and clap when they introduce the guy, then you’re not a real Jays fan. I’m not saying you have to actively route for the guy but without him, there’s no two year playoff run without Edwin and his bombs.

Worst part about this is that Edwin 100% hits a homer tonight. Book it


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