Am I The Only One Whose Getting Sick & Tired of Warren Buffet’s Shit?

Oh really, Warren, so you’re telling me it was in fact, not a good move to have a video of your security team dragging a paying customer out of a plane. You know how they say Helen of Troy’s beauty launched a 1000 ships? Well, this guy’s gut launched 1000 takes.

docAnd while I’ve appreciated the heaters that came following this event, including the people defending United, Warren Buffet needs to GTFO of my face.

I don’t need some billionaire to tell me that dragging a patron out of a plane is bad for business. I mean, what magic wisdom is Warren going to drop on us next? That partnering with Isis would be career suicide? That having your National Security Adviser taking money from the Russians will make people less likely to trust your administration? Like, thanks for the advice Magic, but I don’t think you’re blowing any people’s minds with all these revelations.

Warren Buffet tries to come off as some champion for the regular person, all the while being one of the richest men alive. He’s as down to earth with the left as Trump was with the right. Warren Buffet’s the kind of guy who’ll tell you that the rich need to be taxed more but refuses to put up the dollars in order to support a candidate who’ll do just that. Say what you want about the Koch brothers but at least they’re always there to lend a couple million to whatever Republican wins the nomination.

If Warren Buffet really cared about the future of his country, he’d make like the NRA and open that big fat checkbook of his. Do you think congressmen REALLY care about the 2nd amendment? Fuck no, but I’d get really defensive about it too, if the NRA was my main donor. Cash rules everything and until Dems start getting big cash influxes or someone like Buffet gets the genius idea to just fund a couple moderate Republicans we’re going to continue to see police officers looking like G.I. Joe, more people losing their healthcare and if we’re lucky another giant tax break for the rich.

But, hey, at least Warren Buffet confirmed that dragging someone off a plane is bad. Thanks, Warren, the billionaire version of Norm.



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