I Love That Tickets To A Broadway Show Might Get Canada A Spot On The UN Security Council.

Look at Justin with the good hair, greasing palms like a real politician, showing the haters that he can play with the best of them. For those of you not aware, the Trudeau government has spent over 30k on tickets for the Broadway show ‘Come From Away’, which tells the story of the Newfoundland city of Gander which took in 38 planes during the September 11 terrorist attacks. Funny, that Fox News was the first to report that the terrorists came from Canada (a fact quickly disproven) but has yet to thank us for taking in a bunch of their planes during the worst attack on American soil.

Anyways, the conservatives wanted to know just how much the Trudeau government was paying on tickets for foreign dignitaries. While critics will say this is the type of spending that they expected from the Harper government but not Trudeau’s, they clearly don’t understand how the world works. You need to spend money to make money, or in this case, spend money to get yourself one of the most important positions in the UN.

If you’re not aware, the UN security council is the world’s equivalent to the cool kids table in high school. There are 5 permanent members, Russia, France, China, the U.S. and the U.K. and then 10 rotating members. Cold War kids aside, this position can be a hard one to get as you need to tread the international community carefully. One wrong move and next thing you know, you’ve been replaced by Senegal or Ethiopia, because if there are two countries that scream international stability, it’s those two.

It’s evident that Trudeau understands the importance of getting a seat on this council and knows the quickest way to people’s hearts is through music. People LOVE musicals, look at how many Oscar nom’s that circle jerk of a film ‘La La Land’ got. Not only will ‘Come From Away’ win-over foreign dignitaries with original songs but it also shows that Canada is there whenever the world needs it. I don’t remember Kazakhstan or Uruguay opening up their airports during 9/11, but here’s lil old Gander doubling it’s population size in a day.

You also have to respect the choice by Trudeau as he avoided the basic bitch pick. If I know Trump as well as I think I do, he would’ve brought foreign dignitaries to see ‘Grease’ to solve the Brexit issue or the ‘Book of Mormon’ to make peace in the Middle East, all but forgetting about the very real death threats Trey Stone & Matt Parker faced when they said they we’re going to draw the prophet Muhammad.

Speaking of Trump, one of the foreign dignitaries Trudeau invited was Ivaka Trump, if inviting Trump’s wet dream to Broadway doesn’t get us on the security council, I don’t know what will. If Trump was willing to light up Syria like a menorah after an Ivanka tweet, I got to imagine he’s doing all he can to get us on the Security Council at least on the off chance of getting more free swag.


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