Masai Ujiri Came Out Dropping Bombs But Will He Follow Through?


The first real Raptors press conference after being bounced out of the playoffs by the Cavs in 4. A series that saw a LeBron that looked closer to 25 then 35, as he put an absolute clinic on the Raptors. Something that the Raptors had been saying wouldn’t happen due to their acquisitions of PJ Tucker and Serge Ibaka at the deadline. I mean who would’ve guessed that those 2 guys couldn’t guard the greatest basketball player of all-time? Oh, everyone knew that? My bad.

While Masai is saying all the right things, I’m going to need to see some actual moves before I start applauding the guy. Anyone can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk? If Masai really intends on getting back into the fans good graces/actually wants to change up the culture then the first thing he needs to do, is can Dwayne Casey. This isn’t something the Raptors need to do by Friday but more of something that needs to be done come the off-season. We don’t wanna be going after guys and preparing our draft board with Casey still at the helm. The guy might have the most wins in Raptors history, but really, what does that even mean? Napoleon was France’s greatest military commander and he still managed to get his ass exiled, twice. I don’t really have a coach in mind at the moment but as the postseason goes on we should have a better idea of whose out there and whose not. Do the Raptors pull a Lakers and try and go after Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown? Who knows, but no matter the case, a new coach is in order.

The biggest takeaway from this presser has to be Masai’s remarks about playing ISO. ISO has been the death of the Raptors every year they’ve made the playoffs. Last year it was DeRozan’s inability to create sustainable offense but this year it was the cast around him. Every game the Cavs double teamed DeRozan and every time his teammates fell short in helping him out. I’m not saying the Raptors ever had a real shot but they could’ve at least won a game or two, like last year.

I still believe that the Raptors need to blow up the whole team if they ever wanted to REALLY contend. Sure, this will mean a couple years of being absolute shit but without a lottery pick, the Raptors are stuck in basketball limbo.

Let the #FallForBalls begin.


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