Fuck Whoever Thought Naming An Insect After Canada Was A Good Idea For Her 150th Birthday.

I don’t know who thought this would be a idea but it fucking sucks. Who wants an insect named after them, especially one that looks like this. I’m a pretty big animal guy but fuck this noise. Insects are the fucking worst and whoever thought this was the best way to honour this great country,  needs to be put on a melting ice cap and sent adrift (yes, that’s my punishment for everything). Like, I’ll take a bird, shark, some sort of small mammal, but an insect? Are we sure this nerd/future serial killer doesn’t hate Canada? I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to gifts (besides opening them) but getting named after insect has to be one of the worst gifts possible.

Now when someone sees one of these ugly motherfuckers, they’re gonna associate it with Canada. I mean just two years ago Canada was known for having that hot leader but less then 48hours after France elects some young hotshot, we get relegated to insects? WTF man, this bug reminds me way more of Paul Ryan then Canada, name it after that fuckstick.

Whoever thought of this idea and the person who green-lighted it, need to be locked away ASAP. This is pre-crime like you read about. If you’re over the age of 5 and your giving a girl a bug for her birthday, you’re a certified maniac. You know what you get a girl for her 150th birthday? A star! There’s nothing classier then owning a star and seeing as Canada already has the galaxy’s biggest jerk off machine in space, a star was the next logical step.

You know what puts ass’ in the seats? Canastar! Apimela Canadensis sounds like some weird STD you pick up in a Sarnia strip club.





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