Having 9 Starting Pitchers Through The First Month & A Half of The Season Is A Good Thing, Right?

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a big baseball stat guy. I got nothing against analytics and appreciate the advent of WAR but out of all the sports, baseball always seems to have the dumbest stats thrown around. You know your sport is boring when you’re looking back to the last time a Jays starting pitcher and catcher made their team debut, seriously that happened during last night’s broadcast.

Anyways, Buck & Pat dropped this lil stat at the beginning of lasts night game and if you were wondering what was wrong with Jays, here’s part of the answer. To put this into context, last year the Jays had 7 pitchers start for them all last season, SEVEN. Now, any Jays’ fan will tell you that last year was an anomaly. For my whole lifetime, the Jays have routinely been plagued by injuries. It always seemed like the Jays were 2 injuries away from making some noise, so to only have two real players miss significant time was a rare occurrence in recent Blue Jays history.

Now there are two ways to look at this. 1) We’re fucked. That’s probably the most realistic of both options. The Jays had a nice two year run but like everything, it was bound to come to an end and this is looking like the year it all comes crashing down. There really isn’t any reason to think the Jays injury issues will get any better and with the majority of the Jays players being over 30, they were bound to regress. So option 1) is FUBAR. Option 2) is a more glass half full approach. The Jays are 9 games below .500 but have actually been playing there best ball with guys like Tulo & Donaldson out of the lineup. If the Jays can continue to play .500 baseball until these guys return, that’s pretty awesome and definitely gives fans something to be excited about.

The key for the Jays is to just be around the .500 mark come the trade deadline so that they’re in a buyers market and not selling away the team. Every year Jays fans are quick to panic as if they’ve completely forgotten the bad starts the Jays have gotten off to the last couple years. It’s never a good thing hoping to just be .500 come the trade deadline but that so far has been the Jays bread and butter.

Hell, last year the Jays blew a pretty nice AL East lead, forcing them to play in the Wild Card game. Things aren’t great in the land of the Blue Jays but trust me when I say it can be way, way worse.



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