Looks Like I Can’t Buy This Years’ Madden

What the hell Madden? I’ve bought every copy of Madden sans 1 since 2006 and this is how you repay me? By literally putting my arch enemy on the cover! The worst part of all this, is that they’re calling it the GOAT edition, just spitting in the face of every Manning fan everywhere. Couldn’t we have just called it the Super Bowl edition cause then I gotta concede, but GOAT? Come on!

It was bad enough last year when they put Gronk on the title. Even though I’ve said before that the only Patriot I’ve never hated was Gronk. If you don’t like Gronk then you got a big dump in your pants. The guy lives to catch footballs and laugh at 69 jokes. Can’t hate a guy like that. But Brady? A guy who actively endorses Uggs? What has Madden come to, what happened to the good old days of putting guys who committed murder on the cover? That’s the Madden I want, not one with the ‘golden boy” on the cover.

On the plus side, hopefully the Madden curse pulls a Benard Pollard and finished Brady once and for all. Then at least I can put him just above Osama and right under Sam Bennett on my enemies list.


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