Smokey The Bear, Is Dead.

Are you kidding me? You can’t tell me that Bears protect us from forest fires, only to shoot one on site for doing his job. What type of message does that send to the kids? That if you work hard you’ll end up with a bullet in the brain, it’s no wonder millennials refuse to do anything. What’s the point of working hard if this is the end result?

And I know what you’re thinking “what if the bear had hurt someone?”, well that’s just a risk we’d have to take in order to ensure we don’t have a Fort McCmurray-esq fire here in Toronto. You can’t tell me that there isn’t a correlation between the lack of forest fires in Toronto and our stance on killing wild animals.

I refuse to sit idly by as raccoons walk around this city Scot-free, while hard working bears are being gunned down in our streets. You can’t tell me that those garbage eaters are more important to our ecosystem then an animal that’s sole job is to prevent forest fires. That’s like telling me garbagemen are as important firemen. If that were the case, we’d be able to call garbagemen using 911, when we had a garbage emergency. Instead, we have to wait every 2 weeks for them to pick our garbage in what might as well be a bear like fashion, given all the garbage they leave on the streets, but I digress. How is Carlton suppose to feel safe? Knowing that him and his relatives are walking around with targets on their backs? If I’m mayor Tory, I’m issuing a full fledged apology with Carlton the bear at my side, letting the bear community know that this sort of thing won’t happen again, that no bear needs to fear going to his or her job. Because this is Toronto and if you can’t feel safe going to your job in this city, then what’s the point, you might as well just pack up and move to racist ole’ Montreal.


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