Holy Fuck, America Did What? Part 3

To think that since I’ve started writing this series, a measly two weeks ago come Thursday, that I’ve already had to discuss the revoking of people’s rights, more specifically, the fact that sexual assault now constitutes a preexisting condition and the firing of FBI director James Comey . And yet, in less then 4 days, Trump did something even more wild and crazy that it forced me to write this thing 2 days earlier because frankly, come Thursday, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re in the middle of a class A shitstorm.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, The Washington Post dropped this “bombshell” yesterday evening.


I put bombshell in quotations because, let’s not kid ourselves, at this point Donald Trump could take a literal shit on the constitution and John McCain would stand there and say “let’s wait for all the facts to come out” because that’s how far Republican’s will let him go, because they’re spineless, but hey, I’d rather be spineless and in power then be whatever the Democratic party currently is, but I digress.

Now, luckily for all of us, we didn’t even need to wait over 24 hours to have a source corroborate this story as the President himself took to his favourite medium to tell his side of the story and by his side, I mean that everything the Washington Post reported was true.


Say what you want about the Trump administration but at least we know just exactly who the leak is…. The fucking President himself. I don’t know if we’re currently living out the plot to ‘Threat Level Midnight 2′ but it sure as hell feels like it.

Now before I rag on the President some more, I’ve said before that being friendly with the Russians isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Look at the Cold War, all that gave us was Vietnam, Al Qaeda and a few dozen awesome movies but all in all, it did more damage then good. And if we really ever want to change Russia we have to start opening up the lines of communication, just look at China-U.S. relations if you need any proof.

THAT BEING SAID *Stephen A Smith Voice*

You can’t go telling the Russians a bunch of secrets that a confidential source gave you. Even if Trump truly believes he did nothing wrong, he still broke international and intelligence protocol. It would be one thing if the Americans’ were the ones who acquired such information but giving up your source puts them in danger and possibly destroys any ability to thwart ISIS. Take the bombing of Coventry in WW2 for example, the British had cracked the German code but had to allow them to bomb the city of Coventry so that the Germans’ wouldn’t get wise. This is some what similar to that. And what makes everything even more complicated, is the fact that the Russians have been bombing the ever living shit out of the Kurds, who just so happen to be the faction that the U.S. has been supporting in the Middle East.

And then you have the not so subtle Irony of Donald Trump leaking classified information to the Russians all while leading “lock her up” chants just a couple months back in regards to Hillary. You can say whatever you want about the Hillary email/Benghazi scandals but at least she never willingly gave up confidential information. Unlike Trump who doesn’t seem to realize he’s being played by the Russians. Not to mention, Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak wasn’t actually scheduled to visit the White House like Trump tweeted and we only found out he did after the Russians leaked the above photos, just like I’m going to assume the Russians played some part in leaking this information to the Washington Post.

Which is what makes all of this so maddening. Trump wants to be friends/possibly bang Russia so badly, that he will give them anything they want, all the while getting continuously dunked on by them. He’s so locked in Putin’s loving eyes, that the Russians could take a shit on the constitution only to have Trump question George Washington’s military prowess and saying had he been in power, the Revolutionary War would’ve taken half the time.

On the plus side, Trump is hosting embattled Turkish president Recep Erdogan because if there’s one thing to do after having a story like this break is host a guy who most likely got re-elected due to vote tampering AND just had a failed coup take place in his country earlier this year.

Also, I’m starting to get a little worried for the Spiceman, that guy is bound to have a stroke before the next calendar year and if we’re being honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if two Trump press secretaries kicked the bucket due to stress related heart attacks/strokes.


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