In What Surely Isn’t A Waste Of Money, We Have A Winner For The Communism Memorial In Ottawa.

You know, I’ve always thought it was a national travesty that we didn’t honour the victims of communism. To think, how many people would be alive today had it not been for communism? For one thing, Tzar Nicholas II and his family would’ve lived to see World War 2, that alone would’ve saved millions of lives as Stalin used those years for mass purges. And sure, the Czar would’ve ultimately led just as many Russians to their deaths as Stalin, due to his complete and total lack of military competence but at least we wouldn’t have communism. Not to mention, the world lost a great Monarchy the day communism rose, say what you want about Capitalism but it’s never executed a king (it just had leaders’ assassinated).

Then you have all the needless wars communism caused after World War 2. Had communism just bowed down and let capitalism steamroll it like the rest of the world (after heavy foreign military intervention), we could’ve avoided Vietnam or the Bay of Pigs invasion. America didn’t want to go into Vietnam, communism forced their hand. That’s why America was forced to fake the Gulf of Tonkin incident, so that they’d have a reason to go into Vietnam, napalm the shit out them and stop the spread of communism. For the betterment of the world. So I’m happy to see that our tax dollars are going to honour the victims of such a violent and benevolent ideology.

This memorial will be placed near Canada’s famous holocaust memorial… Wait, we don’t have a holocaust memorial? Ah who cares, it’s not like we turned our back on a ship carrying Jewish refugees. And the last time I checked, the Nazi’s didn’t start the Cold War, communism did.  At least it’ll be by Canada’s famous ode to victims of Catholicism. Oh… we don’t have one those either… well, Communism is bad (?) so….

AH fuck it, I can’t do this anymore, this is so fucking dumb.

Why the fuck do we need to honour the victims of communism? We can’t even get a grasp on half the atrocities we committed, let alone those of other nations. I expect this type of shit to come out of the States but Canada, fuck outta here.

God bless Justin Trudeau, the king of apologies and one hell of a con artist.




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