Roger Goodell Continues To Grow Soft In His Old Age

In what has to be chalked up as shocking, Roger Goodell has reversed his stance on touchdown celebrations, all but showing, that he is getting softer in his old age. I thought Roger still had his fastball when he said that Marijuana would continue to be banned due to it’s addictive qualities. Clearly, I was wrong.

Won’t someone please think of the children! Touchdown celebrations do nothing besides show kids it’s OK to showboat for doing something you’re suppose to do. Now that touchdown celebrations have become legal again, kids are going to be doing crazy celebrations left and right, just for handing in their homework. Football is a family game and touchdown celebrations are the exact opposite of family values. No one celebrates sitting at the dinner table with their family, just like players shouldn’t celebrate when they score a touchdown.

Could you imagine the decrease i in gun violence in America, if instead of doing the superman celebration every time he scored, Cam Newton graciously handed the ball to the reff. In 2003 Joe Horn celebrated a touchdown by grabbing a cellphone out from a goal post, that same year, the United States invaded Iraq.

Then there’s the issue of CTE. Since the NFL imposed it’s ban on touchdown celebrations, no player whose entered the league has died of CTE. Yet hundreds of players who played before the touchdown ban have been fallen victim to CTE. Does this mean excessive touchdown celebrations lead to an increase in CTE? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor but the correlation between the two seems pretty strong.


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