You’re A Dickhead If You Have A Destination Wedding

I’m still pretty young, so attending weddings isn’t really a big worry for me at the moment but I realize that I only have a few more years of this freedom, unless I’m able to succeed in ostracizing myself from friends and loved ones, but despite my best efforts, that doesn’t look to be happening anytime soon.

That being said, destination weddings are stupid, not to mention selfish. You’re pretty much just rubbing it in the face of all your friends, that you have enough money to throw your wedding (an already expensive event) on some nice Caribbean island. You are also forcing your friends to fork up the money for this trip, so that they don’t look like assholes. If you throw a destination wedding, your friends shouldn’t be expected to give you a gift. They were kind enough to spend their hard earned money on YOUR vacation, so the last thing you should expect of them is a gift.

Not to mention, I feel like throwing a destination wedding sucks for the bride and groom to be. Everything I’ve heard about weddings is that they’re stressful as fuck to plan, so I feel like a destination wedding takes away from the whole “honeymoon experience”. Wouldn’t you rather get married in Canada and then fly away to somewhere tropical? Because the last thing I wanna see on my honeymoon are my grandparents.

Also, I realized I never talked about the actual couple getting sick but I assume that you can see from my stance on destination weddings, that I fully think they deserve it. Also, might be a sign that you two shouldn’t get married in the first place…




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