Is This The Greatest Photo of All-Time?

No hyperbole, but this might honestly be the greatest photo in the history of the world. There’s just so much going on!

First, we got the Donald looking the happiest he’s ever been. Nothing takes the mind of multiple investigations to your ties to Russia quite like meeting the Pope. Not to mention, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Trump is envisioning himself as the Pope here. Whose to tell Trump he can’t be the next Pope? Everyone said he couldn’t be President but here we are. First step President, next step Pope. It’s kind of Ironic that the head of the Christian faith has a better stance on Muslims then the current President of the United States.

Then, we have the Pope. Who’s internal monologue is clearly screaming “Jesus Christ, kill me now!”.


Just look at that face! This guy has to routinely deal with priests diddling kids, yet it was a visit from Donald Trump that finally crushed his internal spirit.

Not to be outdone by the Pope’s emotionless expression, we have the First Lady Melenia Trump, who may actually be dead judging by this photo OR just finished watching ‘Star Wars’ and decided to go with the Emperor Palpatine look..

Everyone’s been talking about how she’s been swatting his hand away Mutombo style but what I think is more telling about their relationship is the space between her and Trump. Not only is the Pope between them, but she’s even given herself a foot of space between herself and the Pope.

If you thought Bill Clinton getting a blowjob in the Oval Office was exciting. Wait until we have our first ever Presidential divorce hearings. The producers over at CNN are just cumming their pants at the thought of a Trump-Melenia divorce.

And finally, we have Ivanka, who is either auditioning for the second season of Westworld or decided to do her best ‘American Gothic’ interpretation.

Gonna need the people over at Vogue to tell me “who wore it better”.

If you were wondering what the second greatest photo of all time is, it’s this:

rum Nothing surmises American foreign policy, like having the future Secretary of Defense shake hands with the man who’s country he’d soon invade.

P.S. Back in 2012 when they were looking for the new Pope, I threw my hat into the ring. Vatican never called though, maybe next time.


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