The Raptors Are Keeping Dwayne Casey…

And here I was believing Masai Ujiri when he said that the Raptors needed a culture change. How can the Raptors honestly expect to compete with Casey at the helm again? We’ve seen his ceiling and it’s not an NBA championship. Every year Casey trots out the same ole ISO strategy and every year the Raptors fall flat on their faces. ISO might work for LeBron James seeing as he’s the GOAT but when guys like DeRozan and Lowery can disappear for full games, ISO tends to be a bad strategy.

Not to mention the East is beginning to look competent. The Bucks are going to be a hell of a lot better next year and while every team seems to be looking on the up-and-up, the Raptors look like they’re digressing. Sadly, the Raptors will still likely make the playoffs next year only to be bounced in embarrassing fashion in the first round. Ensuring that the Raptors remain in NBA limbo or as I’ve routinely called it, hell.

My only hope for the Raptors’ is that they draft Purdue big man Caleb Swannigan. And no, it’s not just because Purdue is my favourite NCAA basketball team but because I think he could make a legitimate impact in the paint, which the Raptors desperately need, sorry Itty Bitty Baller.

If not.



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