Vince Young Officially Signs With The Saskatchewan Roughriders

Oh hell yes!

Love me some Vince Young. Sure, he has a few screws loose, might have a drinking problem but member the Rose Bowl? Cause I member. And for that reason alone, I could not be more excited to have good ole number 10 in the CFL.

I don’t know how much Vince has in the tank since he’s over 30 and has been out of football since he called the Eagles a dream team 5-6 (?) years ago. But I’m at least excited to see his fat face living it up in Saskatchewan. I have to think Saskatchewan and Vince Young are a perfect combination. There’s not much to do out in the prairies, so Vince will be able to keep his mind solely on football and not let outside distractions take over. Saskatchewan is like a less fun Oklahoma. So about a 3/10 on the fun meter.

I hope this is a sign of things to come and the CFL just gets an influx of old famous college QBs. I’ve been saying it for years that Johnny Football should make his way over to the CFL and Doug Flutie this bitch. Gonna be hard to develop a cocaine problem if you’re buried 6 feet under the Edmonton snow.

Anyways, looks like it’s time to trade in my Argo’s gear for Saskatchewan swag because I’m all in on Vince Young. Like Arie Gold and Vinny Chase.




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