Don’t Look Now But Zika Is Making A Comeback

After Ebola took out a few people in Africa a couple weeks ago, I thought we were in for another summer of Ebola but it looks like I was wrong as Zika came out of the woodwork to show the world it’s still here. Looks like this summer might be the summer of classic disease scares. I wouldn’t be shocked if in the next couple weeks we start hearing reports of West Nile, Mad Cow Disease or the Avian Bird flue.

I mean, can you really say it’s summer if we don’t have some sort of international disease scare? With every sport coming to an end, sans baseball, we need new things to worry over. Sure, these diseases only ever kill people from Third World nations. but it’s the fear factor that get’s us going.

If society doesn’t have one disease scare and one senseless animal death (R.I.P. Harambe, whose death day was yesterday) over the course of a summer, then society will crumble into chaos. FACT.

P.S. Anyone notice that Zika just all but disapered like a father going out for a pack of smokes? If you ask me, I think Brazil is probably still swarming with Zika but after the RIO Olympics, people stopped going there, so we just stopped talking about it. Sorry world, we have our own made-up threats to worry about.


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