Windsor Spitfires Win The Memorial Cup, Proving Once Again I Am A Genius

Little linguistic’s lesson for you this Monday morning. It is impossible to spell Windsor, without the word “win”. And that’s exactly what the spitfires did last night, like the plane they were named after, they beat an opponent, that by all means was better then them. But did they care that everyone was saying they didn’t deserve to be there? Hell no. They went out on the ice and took care of business by winning their 3rd Memorial Cup.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, how does the Windsor Spitfires winning the Memorial Cup make me a genius? Simple. Back when I was still writing for NorthRow (R.I.P. In Peace) I applauded the Spitfires for trading the house to get themselves great players like Leafs prospect Jeremy Bracco.

As most of you probably know, any team that hosts the Memorial Cup gets an automatic bid into the tournament. So while Windsor was one of the lesser teams in the O, they knew no matter what they had a shot at the Cup. So realizing this opportunity, they acquired the best players, squashing future aspirations but realizing that the time was now. And what happened? They won.

Hopefully more teams will start doing this. It makes the tournament a hell of a lot more interesting and drives people on hockey twitter absolutely mad. You’d swear they just saw an NBA player flop.


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