Your 2017 Stanley Cup Champion Pick:

I am more then aware that this blog has lacked serious hockey content given that this is suppose to be a “Canadian” blog, but ever since the Leafs got knocked out, I just really haven’t cared. But with today being game 1 of the Stanley Cup I figured I’d make my pick for whose going to take home possibly the most famous trophy in the world and that team is, the Nashville Predators AKA Smashville.

Ever since Nashville all but throttled the Blackhawks, I think a lot of people have had them coming out of the West, if not winning the Cup all together. Obviously, the Pens are the better team on paper, being the most recent Cup champion and all, but honestly, fuck the Pens.

My pick for Nashville has nothing to do with hockey sense, it has everything to do with personal vendettas. I absolutely loathe the Penguins and more importantly, that pedophile mustache wearing Sidney Crosby. I couldn’t give a rats ass about the “golden goal” everyone with a brain knows that only happened because of Jerome Iginla’s outstanding pass. Sidney Crosby is a baby-back bitch and nothing brings me joy quite like seeing a sad and disheveled Crosby.

Then there’s P.K. Subban, a guy whose gottan flack his whole career for being a “showboat” and “a coaches nightmare” in other words, everyone hates him because of the colour of his skin. The city of Montreal treated Subban like a piece of Garbage. It didn’t matter that he spent 10 million dollars to help out the children’s ward of a hospital, a years salary for him, might I add. It didn’t matter that he won the Norris Trophy back in 2012, the second he got drafted by the Canadians, he was lambasted. So, the idea of him winning the cup and bringing it to Montreal to show the kids at the hospital, gives me pure schadenfreude. Because seriously, fuck those racist pricks in Montreal. I’m sick and tired of that city getting a free pass, we can scoff at Boston all we want, but maybe we should start looking at the place that hated a hockey player because he was black and has routinely tried to make anti-islamic laws.

I guess this what we get for letting them keep their language and religion. Some say Dieppe was the British greatest blunder, I say it was allowing the French to keep their language and religion after their defeat at the 7 Year war.


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