Fuck Jaden Smith. Part 2

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Fuck this kid. He’s the poster boy for why every generation hates millennials, with his stupid “deep quotes” and his wannabe  Kanye West outfits, everything about him screams “punch me in the face”.

Anyways, Jaden got his name in the news again after trashing the Four Seasons for supposedly “spiking” his pancakes with cheese.


Now, while I loath Jaden Smith, I somewhat agree with his pancake take. Who the fuck puts cheese in their pancakes? We live in a society for godssake! But then he has to go and blow it out of proportion by saying he’s surprised he’s still alive. It’S FUCKING CHEESE! NOT ANTHRAX! I’m lactose intolerant and if someone sabotaged my meal with too much cheese, I might have to make a few stops to shit my brains out, but it’s not like I’m clinging on for dear life.

And Jaden wasn’t done there, oh, no, no, no.

JS 2

OUUUUUU look out Four Seasons Toronto, Jaden Smith, the star of ‘After Earth’ is trying to get boycotted from your establishment.

Newsflash Jaden, you can’t pretend to be some bad boy hoping to be banned by some hotel chain for putting cheese in your pancake. That would be like calling yourself a hunter after running over a deer.

Luckily for Jaden, like everything in his life, he got what he wanted.


Call me old fashioned but whatever happened to the days of celebrities getting kicked out of hotels for trashing a room or smoking to much weed within the vicinity? Then again, knowing Jaden Smith, he probably paid the Four Seasons to kick him out, to up his street cred.

You know, people gave the Beibs a lot of shit for when he was speeding and pissing into buckets but at least that kid earned his fame. Jaden Smith just sucked on Jada’s tit for too long and now thinks he’s fucking aristotle.

I think it’s time Jaden Smith was officialy placed on my enemies list.


So congrats Jaden, you finally accomplished something without the help of your father.


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