Looks Like The Pope Isn’t A Fan of Justin Trudeau

Does the Pope have resting bitch face? Because it’s starting to look like that. I get having a complete look of disdain when you’re standing beside The Donald, but I was under the impression that everyone loved Justin With The Good Hair. The only reason I can think of for why the Pope is making this face, is because he knew Trudeau was going to ask him to apologize for Residential Schools. He knows that the second this photo-op ends, Trudeau is going to be all in his ear, telling him about all the horrible things the catholic priests did, and the Pope’s standing there like “fuuuuck, I should’ve let the orange guy stay longer”.

I can’t even really blame the Pope. There’s nothing worse then knowing someones about to ring you out or make you apologize for something. You just stand there stewing, waiting for the moment, until it encompasses your whole mind and you forget that your posing for a photo.

I’m also beginning to think that the Pope hates North America. People forget that the Pope is actually from Argentina, a country that’s possibly most famous for thinking they could take on the British in the 1980’s. What if the Pope and his fellow South American’s are planning to overthrow us? Is Argentina still mad about the Falklands? Is the Pope waging a secret war against the Western powers? I don’t know, but until the Pope states otherwise, I think we all have to keep an eye on this situation. The last time the Catholics came to North America, they ended up wiping out a couple hundred tribes of people.

P.S. On the flip side, while his holiness (what a title) looks absolutely pissed, at least Justin and Sophie don’t look like their in the midst of couple’s counselling.


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