Thots & Prayers To My Boy The Spiceman

As the saying goes ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

I cannot begin to imagine the state of panic the Spiceman is currently in. Sean Spicer isn’t a guy who needs a small staff to be efficient, he needs the biggest staff possible. Without multiple underlings how is the Spiceman suppose to pawn off the shitty press conferences that he doesn’t wanna be apart of?

It’s been rough couple days for Spicey, first he got shot down when he asked Trump if he could meet his hero the Pope and now a close co-worker resigned. If Spicer was a smart man he’d start to see the writing on the wall, but luckily for us, Sean Spicer is as astute as a deaf bat. This guy could have a noose around his neck and still think he’s coming out of the situation on top. That’s why I love the guy. The most aloof person in the world, working a job that requires you to be vigilant and quick on your feet.

So Ts & Ps to the Spiceman because trust me, he’s going to need it.



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