I’m Sick & Tired of Drones Taking Our Jobs.

When Donald Trump was elected  president, his mandate was simple, America needs jobs. Whether it be at a coveted Oreo factory in Chicago, a day labourer in New Mexico, or one of the lucky few to still find themselves employed in the coal mining industry (Damn you big electricity!). And while all those jobs are fine and dandy, one job has been left out to dry as automation has continued to destroy the middle class. That Job? The infantry.

Call me old fashioned but I remember the days of putting boots on the ground. If it wasn’t for a physical presence in Vietnam, how could’ve the United States and in turn, the free world have stopped communism?

Ever since Obama was elected President, he had a strict “pull our troops out” policy and while that might seem commendable to the liberal elites of the East Coast, it neglected the ever so important middle of the country. If it wasn’t for flyover states like Iowa and Indiana who would ever serve in the military? You ever been to Omaha? Me neither but I’d sure as hell rather spend a summer in Baghdad then fucking a cow in Idaho.

But while Obama was pulling soldiers out, he continued to wage war, which brings me to my whole thesis. Drones are stealing good old fashioned American jobs.

If you don’t place 50 thousand soldiers in a foreign country, how is the military industrial complex suppose to survive? Well, with the help of Obama and his drone fetish, it won’t. America’s economy was at it’s strongest during the Second World War and the last time I checked, a drone’s grandfather never stormed the beaches on D-Day.

And I get it, people would rather 100 dead foreigners then 3 dead soldiers. But without dead soldiers, how are the people who make oversized flags suppose to support their families, or what about the good hard working morticians who are able to turn an IED explosion into an open casket? And godforbid, could you imagine what would happen to the band members of the military? That has to be at least 200 jobs lost, now that we only lose drones and no longer soldiers.

So, to summarize, Drones not immigrants are stealing classic blue collar jobs, like infantrymen and postmen.

Thank you.


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