Malaysia Airlines Continues To Be The Unluckiest Airline In The World

I’m not one for having sympathy when it comes to big companies but I’m really starting to feel for the people who own and operate Malaysia Airlines because they cannot catch a break.

Every time they are in the news it’s for something bad and it’s usually something that they had no control over. First it was the famous Malaysia Airlines 370 that went missing over the Pacific, that after 3 years, has still yet to be located. Which shows how vast our oceans are seeing as the nerds at NASA could point out a star a couple millions miles away but we can’t even locate a missing plane. Then, there was the plane that was shot down over Ukrainian airspace by the Russians and now, we got some crazy kid trying to get into the cockpit. You couldn’t make up this type of misfortune. If there’s 3 things airlines don’t want to be in the news for it’s, hijackings, missing planes and deaths, Malaysia Airlines now has gone 3 for 3. Things for Malaysian airlines have gotten so bad that the people at United are probably saying “at least we aren’t these guys”.

I’m not one for the stock market (I’d rather gamble on stuff I understand) but I feel like you gotta short Malaysia Airlines, never mind, after doing some quick research, it turns out Malaysia Airlines hasn’t been on the stock market since the Russians shot their plane out of the sky.

R.I.P. In Peace Malaysia Airlines, no one could possibly have as bad of luck as you.


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