Norm Continues To Be Canada’s Version of Hillary Clinton


I can’t stand Norm, I’ve never found him funny but the lemmings of the world refuse to let him die out. The good thing about Norm is that the second he tweets about something you know it’s dead. Once one of Norm’s interns tells him what’s hot in the streets it dies. So if you’ve ever wanted to know if you’re ahead of the curve or jumping the shark, just peep his twitter and you’ll have your answer.

Also, the irony of Norm going after Trump is palpable. They might as well be the same person in my eyes. Norm is just pre-Republican nom Trump, tweeting a bunch of stupid shit that simpletons find hilarious. Except Trump at least flipped his twitter for the Presidency, while Norm’s sitting in his shitty office making “covfefe” jokes and selling “6dad” merch.

I mean, am I the only person who wonders why if Norm is soooooooo great, why has he never been mayor? Cause Rob Ford became mayor and all he did was get drunk and make racy comments.


I can’t imagine why none of these people are respected.

Obligatory Enemies List:



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