These Guys Are Not Helping Canada’s International Reputation

Oh come on!

What self respecting human being walks out of their house wearing a shirt like this? It’s the goddamn Stanley Cup finals, you can’t be at the game and be on the fence of who to cheer for, if that’s the case, sell your tickets to a real fan and watch from home, you nerds.

When I first saw this I couldn’t even tell if it was real. I thought this was some Pardon My Take stunt, seeing as the shirt looks like something straight out of their brains. It even has “Sorry” at the end. But to my horror, I discovered that this photo, was in fact real and these men have destroyed any credibility we as a nation have built up over the last 150 years.

It’s bad enough a Canadian team hasn’t won the Cup since ’93, now your just adding insult to injury by saying you are both a pens and Nashville fan. No self respecting Canadian can call themselves a Nashville fan. Nashville, Arizona and Dallas all represent Gary Bettman’s attempts to destroy hockey by moving it as far south as possible.

I hope when these guys try to cross the border, that they are either stopped or detained immediately. Can’t have this type of person in our country, that’s how countries crumble. Canada needs people who are willing to make a tough call, whether that be to cheer for a hockey team that’s in the deep south, or cheering for that Panzy fuck, Crosby.

The point remains, we as nation cannot allow people who willingly sit on the fence to remain. If you love fences so much, go to the Mexican-American border, I hear their building a beauty down there and with the way Bettman works, you’ll probably have a hockey team in El Paso by the time it’s done and built.


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