Who The Fuck Is Letting Karla Homolka Teach At Their School?

Who in the fuck thought letting Karla Homolka volunteer at a school was a good idea? I thought this went without saying, but the two types of people you never want working around kids are, murderers and rapists. So when a convicted murderer AND rapist comes knocking on your door, asking for a volunteering positions, you kindly and quickly, close that fucking door.

The worst part is, she didn’t even trick the school! The school has openly admitted to knowing who she is. Which is FUCKING WILD. How could the principal of this school, not see that allowing her to volunteer was an absolute PR nightmare. Especially since it’s a private school. If I was a parent at this school, I’d be pulling my kid out and suing this school quicker then you could say “convicted murderer and rapist”.

I also don’t understand how she could possibly pass the police background check. I’m in the process of going to teachers college and I just had to submit my police background check and something tells me if I had a rape and murder on my rap sheet, I’d be turned down in a Scarborough minute.

Plus, as someone who got turned down by 3, yes 3, teaching programs, I’m a little fucking peeved that this criminal got a position at a school and my dumb ass has to go all the way to North Fucking Bay, in order to get my Bachelor of Education. Then again I never got a degree in Psychology from Queens.

P.S. My grandpa actually coached Paul Bernardo in baseball one year and he went to the same school as my mom. Some wild shit right there.


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