I Need To Get My Hands On Some Of This Weed

Look, no one loves their dick more then me, no one. But if you’re telling me I can get my hand on a strand of weed that will make me literally want to chop my own dick off, you better believe I gotta take a hit. This gives a whole new meaning to “smoking your dick off”.

I mean, how many times has a been person been told by their dealer that what they are buying is the “bomb” or will “fuck their shit up” only to at most give you a slightly stronger munchies.

For too long, I’ve considered weed to be a beer at best. It’s time for weed to finally fuck up people like all these other drugs. If we could start creating real strands that fuck people up, people will stop buying hard drugs. Don’t believe me? Then you’re not smoking enough weed.

So if anybody knows where to get their hands on this stuff, LMK.

P.S. No way this guy actually cut his dick off cause of weed. Guy just doesn’t wanna admit to doing real drugs.


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