A Couple Middle Eastern Countries Think Qatar Is Too Terrorist-y

Pot, meet kettle.

Screenshot 2017-06-05 17.05.46

So apparently a couple Middle Eastern countries thought that Qatar was too terrorist-y and have decided to sever all ties with the country. Now, I will admit, I’m no international relations expert, but I do know something about irony.

For example, did you know that 15 of the hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia? A country, which has been accused of helping the terrorists orchestrate the attack in one way or another. And then you got top doctors saying that women drivers encourage rape. So maybe Saudi Arabia should take a look in the mirror before they start calling other countries the bad guy.

I’m not gonna lie. I’d never heard of Bahrain. But one quick wiki search and it’s supposedly not a great place if you’re a fan of human rights.

Egypt just had a goddamn revolution a couple years ago but I don’t really got any qualms with them ATM.

Then we got the United Emirates, which like Bahrain, are not a fan of human rights. Also, I got a hard time believing that they’ve come in to all that money honestly. Not saying that the corporations here aren’t up to some sleazy shit, but at least every once and a while they give us a sacrificial lamb.

Fun fact. None of the hijackers on 9/11 were from Afghanistan. Good thing we didn’t wage a costly, stupid and doomed from the start war over there.

Hey Middle East

Screenshot 2017-06-05 17.41.16

I wonder how this is going to effect the 2022 World Cup. I mean it was one thing when Qatar announced that over 1000 people would die building the stadiums and that it was physically impossible to play soccer outside over there because it’s way to hot. But this might just be the nail in the coffin for Qatar’s World Cup aspirations.

Just kidding! Those corrupt fucks over at FIFA could care less.

At least the next World Cup will take place in a safe and stable country.

Screenshot 2017-06-05 17.09.31



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