I Need To Get In Touch With This Saudi Advertiser, Because Their Photoshop Ability Is Outstanding.

Here’s the original image

pool 1

And here’s the Saudi edit

pool 2

Nailed it!

I don’t even know where to begin with this smorgasbord of a photo. The obvious go-to would be the mother being fully edited out for a Winnie The Poo balloon, but I think I have to start with the blurred out children’s faces. It was like they looked at the photo, decided they didn’t want to actually change their skin colour, so instead they just blurred their faces. As if a Saudi family wouldn’t notice that 2/3rds of the kids are gingers. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia but something tells me they don’t have a large ginger population.

Then you got the sun shirts, because if one thing screams comfort, it’s wearing a shirt in the pool. Look, I’m white as shit, I get it, but even I’ll take off the ole shirt for the 1-3 times a year I go swimming. Once again, I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia but if they are going into their kiddie pools bundled up, they are really missing out. I get that maybe you’re a little self-conscious but when you’re in your own backyard, you should never feel shame. I’ve walked out into my backyard at 8am in my boxers drinking a beer and greeted my neighbour like he was the weird one. My turf, my rules. I once again think this was the Saudi’s attempts at hiding the fact that it’s a white family but once again, the redheaded children, kind of give it away. I will tip my hat to the clothing of the father though. Don’t want anybody in your country getting any ideas about what freedom looks like.

Then, the pièces de résistance, the switching of the mother for a balloon. It’s a move that’s so blatantly sexist, I have to respect it. I mean, people are getting angry at one-another over here because of washrooms, all the while, in Saudi Arabia, they’re flat out cropping women out of their advertisements.

Say what you want about the West’s love for airbrushing and photoshopping models but at least we never switched one out for a children’s balloon.

P.S. So Winnie The Pooh is a think over in the Middle East? Would’ve figured they’d create their own little cartoon guy but there he is, front and center, providing a parental role, almost reminds me of my childhood.

P.P.S. The Tiger Movie is still the saddest movie I’ve seen to date. Waterwork city.

H/T @TheClemReport


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