I’m Glad To See That The Government Is Trying To Stop Drugs Dealers From Advertising At Concerts & Festivals.


Thank goodness!

Here I was worried that we were going to let weed vendors aka glorified drug dealers, sponsor concerts and festivals. It’s bad enough that we’re considering legalizing a drug that accounts for 0 annual deaths but we can’t risk seeing that number increase by letting them advertise. I mean, what’s next, letting molly companies advertising at EDM festivals? Not on my watch.

Could you imagine how much MORE weed will be smoked at concerts and festivals if they’re allowed to advertise? It’s hard enough to go to one of those things without catching a wiff of the Devil’s lettuce, so I’m happy to see the government taking a hard stance here.

Look, just because Trudeau promised to legalize weed, doesn’t mean he has to let them advertise at concerts. Last time I checked cigarette companies aren’t able to advertise and look at all that has accomplished. I don’t even think about having a cigarette unless I’m drunk, so mission accomplished if you ask me.

Not to mention, what would happen to all the booze companies, if weed vendors were allowed to advertise? No one likes capitalism more then me, no one. But it doesn’t seem fair that these weed companies can just come in, like they own the place. You can’t be illegal for 100 years, only to have vendors pop up at events like Osheaga. What kind of example does that set for the children?

Budweiser, Molson, Baccardi, those are all family companies, with good intentions and high morals. If they weren’t why would Budweiser make a beer without alcohol in it? Weed on the other hand, doesn’t have a history of proper morals. Do you know who smokes weed? Rappers and Rockstars, easily two of the least moral types of people in the world, but do you know who drank booze? Jesus.

So checkmate Hippies, go smoke your reefer somewhere else.






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