Melania And Barron Trump Have Finally Moved Into The White House

Glad to see that Trump and his team finally rid the White House of all the bugs that the Obama administration left behind. Because that’s the only reason why I could see it taking this long for them to move in. Trump just didn’t want the Obama’s to have a front row seat when him and Melania go to pound-town. This definitely wasn’t because him and Melania are having marital issues. Funny, that Dikembe Mutumbo was praised for all his blocks, yet people mock Melania when she swats Trump’s hand away. Double standard if you ask me.

Melania becomes only the second ever first lady who wasn’t born in the United States to reside in the White House. The other? Louisa Adams AKA John Adams wife. So not too shabby of company for the Trumps to be in. Not to mention having an immigrant living inside of the White House is the embodiment of the American dream. Which does make me question why Trump hates immigrants so much, if he’s bringing one into his home to lay with but I guess we can chalk this up to Trump being a big Thomas Jefferson fan.

P.S. Sneaky funniest part of all this is Barron’s shirt. Bold move wearing a shirt calling yourself an “expert” when you couldn’t differentiate between a dummy and your own father.


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