God-bless These Senators Fighting The Good Fight

Finally! It’s very rare to see politicians looking out for their constituents but these senators know what’s up. If this bill were to be passed, Canada would see a tax increase on booze every single year. That’s right, if you thought booze prices were bad now, just wait in 5 years when the tax increase has gone up 10%, it’s like their trying to stop us all from drinking, which is a joke. This country was founded by alcoholics, John A McDonald didn’t spend a day in Parliament where he wasn’t in the bag and the goddamn liberals are trying to destroy our way of life.

Not to mention, this tax would all but decimate the homeless community. Like I said before, Canadian booze prices are ridiculous. You can buy 24’s in the states for like $15, meanwhile up here in the frozen tundra, we’re pretty much spending 2 bucks on the dollar. How can we expect the homeless to drink their sweet nectar, if we continue to increase the prices of alcohol. I was recently punched  by a homeless man and if we continue to raise alcohol prices, I will only be the first of many, homeless attacks.


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