Honestly, Fuck The Montreal Canadiens

I realize that being a Leafs fan means I’m born to hate the Montreal Canadiens but that honestly has nothing to do with this. This blog is about how the Canadiens are giant hypocrites and racists if we’re putting it bluntly. What sprung this blog? This:


This is a fucking joke right?

When the Habs traded P.K. Subban they said that it was because he was a distraction I.E. he was black. Now at first I thought maybe I was jumping the proverbial race gun but this trade just proved I was right. Jonathan Drouin was the biggest distraction in hockey last year. He was such a big distraction that he was fucking suspended by his own team because they were sick of his shit. So what do the Habs do? They go out and trade for him. As a Leafs fan, I love these moves cause their just getting worse as the Leafs get better but as a Canadian this is getting ridiculous. We continuously brush off Quebec’s racism because… well I don’t know why the fuck we do. If something racist happens in Toronto or out West, the rest of the country loses it’s shit. People were calling for Rob Ford’s head when he was videotaped speaking in Patois. Yet the Canadians traded their best player for an older defenseman because he was black. NOT TO MENTION! The team didn’t even nominate him for the NHL’s charity award after he donated $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Then you have the ever so forgotten tale of Saku Koivu. The guy comes to Montreal learns English, gets cancer, was the longest serving Canadiens’ captain and those fucktards in Quebec bitched about him not knowing french. That’s right, a guy from Finland who learned English, was shit on for not speaking our second national language, all the while guys like Lecavalier, Roy and anyone else from Quebec have difficulty speaking English in interviews.

So fuck Montreal, I hope you guys never win another cup again and your economy continues to tumble because of your stupid language laws.

Also it’s Canadian not Canadien. Idiots.


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