The McGregor Vs. Mayweather Fight Is Officially On!


Aww Hellz Yeah!

The fight we’ve all been waiting for, McGregor Vs. Mayweather, MMA vs. Boxing, new school vs. old school and it’s all happening in just over 2 months time.

I never thought we’d actually ever get to see this fight. I know Dana White has been saying that it was closer to happening then people thought, but I still gave it a 20% chance of actually materializing. Just look at how long it took for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao to actually happen. So to get this deal done, this year, might be the shock of the decade, not to mention that both guys agreed to fight before September. I would’ve guessed that if they announced the fight in the summer, it wouldn’t be until mid fall, when the fight actually took place, but boy am I happy that I was wrong.

I don’t want to shock anyone but I’m a big McGregor guy. I’m a casual UFC fan but whenever a Mic is being compared to Ali, you best believe he has my attention. In all my years of being of Irish decent, I’ve only been the butt of potato famine jokes. So whenever an Irishman is doing something newsworthy not named Bono, I am all in. And as much I’d love to see McGregor knock out the wife-beater that is Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, I gotta take Floyd in this fight.

Boxers are just better fighters then MMA guys, it’s not my opinion, it’s fact. Look at Ronda Rousey. The second she fought a boxer, she lost and now she’s forever hiding in public shame. Anybody who knows anything, knows or at least thinks Floyd is going to win. He’s a defensive fighter with outstanding footwork. All he needs to do, is dance around the ring, absorbing a few McGregor punches and win this thing in a decision. The only chance McGregor has at winning this, is if he’s able to knockout Floyd in one of the earlier rounds, if not, he’s screwed.

Possibly the most important factor about this fight, is Mayweather’s attempt to save boxing. No one expects McGregor to win, so if he loses, his legacy will remain intact but if Floyd were to lose this, boxing would be F-U-C-K-E-D. Boxing is already dead, like 6 foot deep in the ground dead, but if McGregor were to win, this would be like shooting the casket with a shotgun to make sure it didn’t rise from the dead.

So if you’re a boxing purist, that possibility has to send chills up your spine.


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