How About The Las Vegas Golden Knights Bullying The Blue Jackets Into Giving Them Their 1st Round Draft Pick

-SB Nation

Sources around the NHL have indicated to The Dispatch that the Blue Jackets have reached agreement with the Vegas Golden Knights on a trade that will be announced during the expansion draft Wednesday in Las Vegas. With this trade the Blue Jackets will pay dearly to dissuade the Golden Knights from taking Anderson, Korpisalo or one of the veteran defensemen — Jack Johnson or David Savard — that they would have exposed.

Way to stand your ground Columbus. I thought you had to watch porn to see someone get cucked this badly but here we are. I realize that the Blue Jackets were worried about losing some talent and that the 24th pick doesn’t necessarily translate into success but this gives the Golden Knights possibly their 3rd 1st round draft pick for this years draft. Which many experts believe could increase as teams are trying their best to protect their players and the Vegas Knights have made it clear that if teams don’t want to lose players, they’ll have to pay a king’s ransom.

Credit to the Golden Knights front office for showing the rest of the hockey world that just because they’re a new franchise, does not mean they’ll be pushed around. While the rest of the league has been focused on the season at hand, the Golden Knights have had their eyes set on one thing and one thing only, this years expansion draft. And if the rumors are true the Golden Knights could be starting next season with a Stanley Cup winning goalie in Marc Andre-Fleury.

Don’t look now, but the Golden knights are looking to make some noise.


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