It Is With A Heavy Heart, I Must Announce The Saskatchewan Roughriders Have Cut Vince Young

How the mighty have fallen. Just over a decade ago, Vince Young was rushing to Rose Bowl glory and NCAA immortality. Now, he can’t even make it past 2 weeks before being cut by a CFL team. And it’s not like he was cut by some juggernaut team, like the Lions or Stampeders, the Roughriders finished last in their division with a 5-13 record, so for them to not think Vince Young is good enough to play for them, is, well, sad.

The good news, is that this gives Young a new shot at signing with a better team, thus giving him the opportunity to get the trophy that has eluded him his whole career. The illustrious Grey Cup.

When you look at Young’s resume, there is one glaring black mark. And that’s his ability to win on the big stage, anybody can bring their team to the playoffs in the NFL, but how many Rose Bowl champions can say they’ve won a Grey Cup?

Hopefully the Argos will pick him up because knowing their injury history, if he were to sign there, there’s a 60% chance he actually has to suit up, after their cavalcade of broken QBs runs out.


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