All Hell Has Broken Loose In Cleveland!




It’s anarchy! Anarchy I tell you! Just days after losing to the Warriors in the NBA finals and the Cavs Dan Gilbert decides to turf David Griffin. And to make matters even worse, Gilbert didn’t even tell LeBron James, you know, the guy that has brought the Cavaliers to more finals appearances then anyone in franchise history. Now some people think Gilbert doesn’t need to consult with LeBron, but those people are idiots. The NBA is a superstar’s league, you want their input, especially when they can opt out of their contract in a years time.

And don’t you dare think for a second that LeBron would stay quiet about this.


If that wasn’t a shot at Dan Gilbert, I don’t know what is. All LeBron was missing was the comic sans font and the words “Fuck you Gilbert”.

I don’t know what this means for the Cavs going forward but with the draft only two days away, it sure as hell is going to be interesting. There’s been a lot of talk that they would go after either Jimmy Butler or Paul George but who the hell knows what’s going on over there now. For all we know, Dan Gilbert is drunk at the wheel and looking to watch the world burn.

Also John Clayton dropped this really, really, really, weird tweet:

Like, this probably means nothing but it was a really weird time to drop this tweet. He could’ve dropped this tweet literally any day he wanted and he chooses the day the Cavs fire their GM. I’m not saying LeBron James is going to the NFL but I’m also not, not, saying that.

P.S. Operation Banana Boat is in full swing

banana boat

For the love of god, David Stern, make this happen. PLEASE!

H/T @WorldWideWob


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