American Student Who Was Just Freed By North Korea Has Died

And this boys and girls, is why you never go to North Korea, no matter how rare the opportunity. I get that it’s probably tasteless to make fun of someone who just died after spending 17 months in a North Korean prison cell but come on!? I have never once thought of visiting North Korea, frankly, South Korea is too close to them for me to ever want to go to Seoul, so this kid kind of had it coming. This is Darwinism in action folks,,. If someone went on vacation to Syria and died, would we really feel THAT bad for them. Because, you’re tempting fate if you ask me.

I do think this shows just how small and pathetic North Korea really is. Like these are the guys were scared of? Really? Because all I see is a pudgy man with a bad haircut who is so self conscious, that if someone rips down a poster of him, he throws them in the gulag. This is more Robin Aryn, then scary dictator.

I guess all that wining and dining by Dennis Rodman didn’t really amount to anything. I really thought the Worm was going to be able to help solve North Korean and American relations but boy was I wrong. Maybe we should send Rodman somewhere a little easier. Maybe he can broker a peace between Palestine and Israel. If there’s one person who I think can pull that off, it’s this guy.



I can’t imagine how this going to effect North Korean tourism. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that there are major layoffs coming.


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